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What is Tapered Roller Bearings and What Is Its Usage?

October 8, 2022by Marcbearing0

As the name suggests, tapered roller bearings are rolling bearings. They are good thrust bearings. They support radial forces ( a force in a radial direction towards the center or away from the center) and axial forces (the force that acts in the direction of the axis of a body). There are many Bearing Manufacturers in Rajkot Gujarat that manufactures these bearings using chrome SAE 52100 bearing steel.

How to Identify a Taper Roller Bearing?

Tapered roller bearings are made up of cones and cups along with a window cage. They are available in imperial and metric sizes. They have an inner ring, an outer ring, and several tapered rollers. They can tolerate heavy axial and radial loads.

Forging Rings
Tapered Roller Bearing

What are the Key Features of Taper Roller Bearing?

  • These bearings have large surface area contact
  • The inner and outer bearing rings are also tapered
  • They can handle both the large radial and axial loads in a single direction.
  • The tapered angle determines the radial and axial load handling capacity
  • If properly lubricated, these bearings can be used in environments with different temperatures
  • They can work best in temperature windows of -30 ° C to +120 ° C.
  • They have the quality to reduce friction and in turn, reduce the heat generated

Applications Taper Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearings are used in different applications. A pair of them is used in car and vehicle wheel bearings where they cope with large radial and axial forces. These bearings are also perfect for other applications like Agriculture, Construction, Mining, and Engines. They give moderate speed and are perfect for heavy-duty applications where durability is important.

Bearing Manufacturers in Rajkot Gujarat

Marc Bearings Pvt. Ltd is the most popular and trusted bearing manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujrat, India. The company is engaged in making and supplying a variety of bearings, including but not limited to taper roller bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings – E-type cage, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings, Double raw Self Aligning Ball Bearings and more.

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