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All That You Must Know About Forgings Rings in India

October 4, 2022by Marcbearing0

In simple terms, forging rings are a type of traditional method which involves heating metal and hammering until it forms the desired shape and size of a ring. They are created through the ring rolling process using a rolling mill. Top manufacturers of forging rings in India use these rolling mills to form rings of a range of weights and diameters.

Forging Rings
Forging Rings


Forging rings come with ductility, high strength, and excellent resistance to fatigue loads and impact due to extra work during the process and the opportunity to align the grain flow. Forging enhances the structure of the metal and hence its mechanical properties. There are many qualities of forging rings. The best ones include the following properties:

  • High strength
  • High stability
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • High resistance to heat
  • Long-lasting and durability

In addition to all these, forging rings can be used in several industries. Their operations depend on the material grade that is used to manufacture forging rings. Since they come with hygienic properties, they can be used in the sanitation industry. They can be forged or machined very easily without hampering their unique features. They also have a maintained, bright, and very attractive appearance.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process by the top Manufacturer of Forging Rings in India includes the following:

  • Purchasing top-quality raw materials from various steel mills as per the customer’s approved steel supplier list
  • Following the set of rules to meet international standards and specifications
  • Storing raw material appropriately with Color Code, Heat Number, and Section Size wise in separate racks
  • Making sure easy access for identification.
  • Inspecting all materials and chemical compositions, and mechanical and physical properties in NABI Laboratory.

Manufacturer of Forging Rings in India

MARC Bearings Pvt. Ltd – Rajkot, Gujarat – India is a top manufacturer of forging rings in India. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machines and technologies. They have four friction presses and on Hot Ring Rolling. In general, the total installed capacity for forging is 5000 MT Annually with weight varying from 200 Gms to 40 Kgs.

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