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BearingSpherical Roller Bearings

MARC spherical roller bearings are one of India’s most premium manufactured products and are the best fit for several industrial applications. We are India’s leading spherical roller bearings manufacturer. The angular adjustability feature that it provides with its element of double row rolling is revolutionary in itself. The self-orienting systematical barrel rollers are the cause of this element. These barrel rollers have the ability to orient themselves when put between the outer and inner rings.

This self-orientation is an effect made by the two raceways in the inner rings, which are relatively inclined to the curved raceway in the outer ring. Both of these rings are relatively inclined to the main bearing axis.

A spherical roller bearings manufacturer makes sure that these tapered roller bearings and spherical roller bearings are available in varying outer diameters. Ensuring the quality of the curves between the inner and the outer axis of a bearing is essential.


Spherical roller bearings are the key element in most of the industries. Its applications stretch far and wide to many different work sectors. Some of the common applications of spherical roller bearings include mining, waste water treatment, and power generation. Any renowned spherical roller bearings manufacturer, such as MARC Bearings, ensures of this in its products.

Other than just being used for the purposes of these short-spanned applications, the role of spherical roller bearings is much greater. Spherical roller bearings are the essential tools that make the working of most of the mechanical tools possible.

Related Products

Some of the major industries that mainly run with the assistance of spherical roller bearings are as follows:

  1. Automotive industry: Cars, bikes, cycles, scooters, etc. are all able to work properly because of spherical roller bearings. The very basic tasks, such as the turning of gears, will not be possible without the help of spherical roller bearings.
  2. Agriculture: All the equipment that are used for the tasks of modern farming work efficiently with spherical roller bearings. Quality spherical roller bearings manufacturer ensure that their products ease the work of farmers.
  3. Aerospace: From little machinery to full-fledged aerodynamic structures, spherical roller bearings play an essential part.
  4. Electrical Appliances: Electrical appliances and other electricity-based products are highly dependent on spherical roller bearings. Therefore, a quality Spherical Roller Bearing Manufacturer like MARC ensures that their product is perfectly safe for use.
  5. Industrial Equipment: Industrial Equipment are the key drives of large industries. But their perfect working is dependent upon the spherical roller bearings that are in them. MARC ensures that the spherical roller bearings manufacturer that it makes are up to the mark for industrial use.

MARC is a spherical roller bearings manufacturer that makes its bearings fit for versatile usage. These spherical roller bearings are used for various different applications. MARC also manufactures customized roller bearings, based on the requirements of a special application.

Some of the most common applications of spherical roller bearings include:

  • Fans
  • Gearbox
  • Belt Pulley
  • Paper Machines
  • Caster Application
  • Vibratory screens for mining
Product Features

Some of the features of MARC’s spherical roller bearings manufacturer are as follows:

  1. Internal constructions optimization
  2. Enhanced capacity of carrying heavy loads
  3. Crown end faced new roller dimensions
  4. Rollers and raceway’s bettered contact geometry
  5. Enhanced operating accuracy
  6. Advanced steel and brass’ new cage
Mechanical Advantages

Some of the mechanical advantages that you get when you opt for MARC as the spherical roller bearings manufacturer to get your spherical roller bearing are:

  1. More than 60% longer product life
  2. Reduction in friction
  3. Better dynamic load rating Cr
  4. Bearing temperatures being comparatively lower
  5. A boost of 50% higher limiting speed
Benefits to Customers

The benefits that MARC provides as a spherical roller bearings manufacturer includes:

  1. Better operating life
  2. Reliability while carrying out operations
  3. Higher power density and possibilities of downsizing
  4. Lubrication rating life being better
  5. Lessened operation costs
  6. Better machinery output