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Mistakes to avoid when buying ball bearings in India

May 17, 2023by Marcbearing0

Ball bearings are rolling elements that are utilized in different industries for handling axial and radial forces. They are used for carrying different types of loads at higher speeds by reducing friction to facilitate the proper movement of machine parts. But often people make mistakes when it comes to buying ball bearings in India. As they do not have complete information about the ball bearings and it can make one buy the wrong ball bearings for different applications.

ball bearings in India

To help you avoid such mistakes when buying ball bearings in India, we are sharing those mistakes in this blog.

Not buying the ball bearing according to applications

Different types of ball bearings are there according to varied applications. They are utilized in both residential and industrial machines. Some of the machines in which the ball bearings are used are electric generators, vacuum cleaners, airplanes, automobiles, air conditioners, and multiple others. If you are not aware of which type of ball bearing is used for which application, take help from the manufacturers. They will guide you and help you buy the right ball bearings in India for the proper functioning of machines.

Not buying the right size ball bearing

If the size of the ball bearing is not right, it can cause premature failure of the system or the machines. Due to the wrong size of the ball bearing, the performance of the system may also get affected. It is one of the reasons why one must check the size of the bore and shaft properly when buying ball bearings. Do measure the width and the diameter of the outer part of the ball bearing before buying it.

Not asking about the lubrication

Lubrication is mandatory to ensure the proper functioning of the ball bearings. If the proper lubrication or the right lubricant is not used in the ball bearing, it will cause friction, leading to premature failure. Before buying the ball bearings in India, ask the manufacturers about the lubrication requirement. Different ball bearings may have different lubrication requirements according to the speed, load, and material of the ball bearing.

Other than these mistakes, people also forget to check the speed and material of the ball bearing before buying. So, if you are also planning to buy ball bearings in India, ensure that you avoid these mistakes to buy the right ball bearings. To get the optimum-quality ball bearings that offer high performance, buy from Marc Bearings Pvt. Ltd. – Rajkot – Gujarat – India They are known for manufacturing and supplying ball bearing in India for many years. They supply different types of ball bearings that will help in supporting several industrial applications.

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