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Common Reasons Why Bearing Fails and How Can We Fix It

June 5, 2023by Marcbearing0

Bearings are an important component of many mechanical systems. They allow efficient and smooth movement. But, they can fail to function properly due to several reasons. Understanding the common reasons lets you implement required solutions and you can prevent the bearing failure, thereby costly downtime.

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Read on to explore common reasons why bearing fails and how you can fix it.

Insufficient Lubrication

Insufficient lubrication is one of the most common reasons for bearing failure. Using the wrong lubricant or inadequate lubricant levels causes increased heat, excessive friction, and accelerated wear.

  • Solutions: Maintain and follow proper lubrication practices. For instance, select the right lubricant, and monitor its condition. Doing so will enable you to prevent failure by reducing friction and minimizing the risk of premature damage.


Dirt, water, debris, and contamination like even microscopic particles can infiltrate the bearing system. This leads to significant harm to the bearing. This can also cause corrosion, abrasive wear, pitting of bearings, etc.

  • Solutions: Implement effectual sealing mechanisms and ensure a clean environment to stop contamination. It is essential to clean them regularly. Fix maintenance routines to remove contaminants.

Improper Handling & Installation

Inappropriate installation and handling are other factors to immediate or gradual wear to bearings. Avoid using excessive force during installation or mishandling during transportation. It can lead to distorted or dented raceways, brinelling, or misalignment.

  • Solutions: Following guidelines given by the manufacturer and using appropriate tools and techniques to install the bearing is essential. Also, provide proper training to personnel who are responsible for handling and installation process.

Overloading & Misalignment

Misalignment and excess loads can result in extra stress and strain, causing premature damage. Misalignment can lead to increased wear and uneven distribution of forces.  Overloading can be subject to rolling elements and raceways deforming or fracturing.

  • Solutions: It is essential to ensure proper load calculations. For this, you can use suitable bearings for the application. Also, employ alignment methods for the prevention of these issues. Monitor the bearings regularly and adjust them to maintain optimum performance and enhance bearing life.


To sum up, bearing failures can adversely impact the productivity and reliability of mechanical systems. It is important to understand the common reasons for failures and take proper measures to prevent failure.

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