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7 Different Types of Forging Rings You Must Know

February 13, 2024by Marcbearing0

The advancement in technology has innovated the process of shaping metal into circular bands. Manufacturer of Forging Rings in India heat and harm metal to form it in the desired shape and size of a ring. They make rings through the ring-rolling process. They supply different types of foraging rings in different weights and diameters.

Manufacturer of Forging Rings in India


In this blog, you’ll learn different types of forging rings to choose the right one to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Roll Forging Rings


Roll forging rings are the most common. In this process, a piece of metal is passed through two rotting rolls to shape it.


  • Manufacturers heat a metal section through these rolls. This forms a circular profile, thereby creating Roll-forging rings


  • With this process, experts ensure excellent control over the thickness and diameter of the ring.


Upset Forging Rings


This is a type of ring that is made by increasing the cross-sectional area. To achieve this, experts compress the metal length.


  • Manufacturers first heat a metal roll.
  • Then, they upset or thicken a specific portion followed by creating a bulge.
  • After this, the metal is bent into a circular shape to form a ring, thereby creating upset forging rings.


Swage Forging Rings


To create this ring, the metal is hammered and pressed into a form or die.


  • Experts place a heated metal piece into a die or swage block
  • The block or die selected is of a desired shape
  • Then, then metal is strken with a hammer to intricate designs and patterns on the surface of the ring.


Seamless Ring Forging


This does not involve any jolting or welding.


  • A heated metal piece is pierced to form a hollow donut-shape
  • Then, it is rolled or hammered to enlarge and get the desired size.
  • This results in durable and strong rings with a uniform structure.


Sleeve Forging Rings


This is a type of process in which a sleeve or metal tube is formed into a ring shape.


  • The first step in this method combines heating the sleeve, and then manipulating it into a circular form.


Sleeve forging rings have a seamless appearance. They are generally used in industrial applications.


Closed and Open-Die Forging Rings


To produce this ring, experts place a heated metal piece between closed die. Then pressure is applied to achieve the desired shape. This leads to the creation of complex ring designs.


In the case of open-die forging, a metal is shaped between flat dies. There is no involvement of enclosing material entirely. The metal is repeatedly forged between open dies. This leads to form a ring shape, allowing the design of rings of different sizes.


Best Manufacturer of Forging Rings in India


MARC Bearings Pvt. Ltd – Rajkot, Gujarat – India is a leading manufacturer of forging rings in India. The company designs these rings of high quality, durable, strong, and excellent resistance to fatigue loads and impact. The forging process of Marc Bearings leads to enhancing metal structure. Qualities of forging rings of this brand include high stability, strength, corrosion-free, heat resistance, and long-lasting.

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