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Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings in India: Advantages & Applications

July 8, 2023by Marcbearing0

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing (DRACBB) is one of the most critical components to allow the seamless functioning of machines. Its importance is paramount in the industrial landscape, precision engineering, and reliable machinery. Due to their unique designs and features, these bearings have attracted significant traction across diverse sectors.

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings in India


Let’s highlight some of the features and benefits of Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings in India.

Features & Design

DRACBB bearings come equipped with two rows of balls that run in an angular contact pattern. They are designed in a way to handle axial and radial loads simultaneously.

  • They accommodate higher loads compared to single-row angular contact ball bearings.
  • These bearings boast improved stiffness, reduced friction, and enhanced axial rigidity.
  • They are well-suited for heavy-duty and high-speed applications.

Benefits of Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

  • High-Speed Performance: DRACBB bearings ensure seamless rotation even at higher speeds. They can contribute to increased efficiency and productivity. This is possible because of their improved stiffness and reduced friction.
  • Increased Load Capacity: DRACBBs have the quality to ensure higher radial and axial loads. So, they’re the perfect option for industries and applications where heavy loads are required.
  • Versatility: These types of bearings are adaptable and can be used in applications in different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, mining, and agricultural machinery.
  • Rigidity & Precision: The Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings in India offer angular contact design. Such design ensures excellent positioning and reduces shaft deflection.

Suitable Applications

DRACBBs can be used in various applications.

  • Machine Tools: DRACBBs are ideal for machine tool spindles due to their High precision and rigidity. This leads to excellent performance, ensuring metalworking operations.
  • Automotive Industry: These bearings are perfect for automotive wheel hubs, differentials, and transmission because they can endure radial and axial forces without any bad impact on rotational speed.
  • Wind Turbines: DRACBBs are ideal for the main shaft support of wind turbines. In this application, they can bear heavy loads and ensure smoother blade rotation.
  • Industrial Gearboxes: These bearings can be used in industrial gearboxes, ensuring excellent power transmission and reducing frictional losses.

Manufacturer of Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings in India

MARC Bearings Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot, Gujarat India is one of the most reliable, prominent, and customer-friendly manufacturers of double row angular Contact Ball Bearings in India. The company not just manufactures, but also supplies, distributes, and exports these bearings as per the international standard specifications. Apart from DRACBBs, the range of bearings designed and supplied by MARC Bearings includes Tapered roller bearings, Marc Spherical Roller Bearings, Marc Spherical roller thrust bearings, Marc Spherical Roller Bearings, and many more.


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