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Perfect Packaging For Precision Engineered Bearings

At MARC, we adopt the same philosophy of bearing packaging that stays attuned to stringent quality standards. A dedicated Packing Unit equipped with the best of modern technologies and packing equipments is assigned to ensure that each bearing is packed with high attention and accuracy. Furthermore, the dedicated packing personnel perform all quality checks required during the packaging process. This in turns enhances the longevity of the bearings because it leads to protection against polluting elements and also secures the bearings during transit.

The packaging process at MARC is:

  • After the product of international quality bearings these are all collected and brought to the Packing Unit.
  • In the Packing Unit, bearings are thoroughly washed and cleaned to wipe off all the dirt and dust present on the bearings.
  • After cleaning, these bearings are properly oiled so as to prevent against rust and corrosion. Oiling keeps these bearings away from these contaminants for a longer time and hence it helps enhance the longevity of the bearings.
  • Oiled bearings are then neatly wrapped in a plastic piece or a plastic bag.
    Each piece of bearing is then individually packed in a small box.
  • A bunch of packed boxes are then sealed in a master box for transportation and storage. This double box packing ensures safe and protected packing.

This is how safely and securely bearings are packed and transported from the MARC’s bandwagon. This perfect packaging of bearings is also a blessing to the company’s growth potential as it helps win client’s satisfaction and trust.